How to be an efficient Supervisory Officer?

Rule of law – When we embraced democracy, there was a drastic shift in the role of people who are placed in various positions of governance -- not to rule but to serve people with ‘rule of law’. Nobody has power to overrule a law in force. The only option is to repeal or amended or make a new law.
  • Be sure about your jurisdiction and authority by reaching out to the current signed document 
  • Make sure to have a signed document as to how many persons are placed under your direct charge 
  • Distribute your work among them through a detailed work allocation order
  • Ensure your subordinates too distribute their responsibilities to those under their charge, if any
  • Please be reminded that your 100% time, talent and resourcefulness are to be contributed in different proportions to different subordinates and not to do original work.
  • Please spend almost all your time in helping your subordinates to work for you. 
  • Within a week's time of your taking charge, issue a fresh allocation of work depending upon your assessment of every person.
  • Don't decline to receive representation or communication addressed to you or handed over in person even though the matter does not fall within your purview. You may either transmit it to the concerned authority or the paper may be returned back as XNDis with reasons for returning.
  • Have the updated Manual of office procedure and see that every aspect of work is done only according to the procedure prescribed.
  • Try your best to be a role model even in matters of minor importance - punctuality, using office space, infrastructure etc.
  • Complete reading of News Paper, saying a prayer or meditation [if you have a religious bent of mind] well before the office time starts.
  • Let all your decisions be rational on the basis of documents placed in file and never respecting to persons.
  • Facts are fragile and once altered even a bit,  it ceases to be fact any more. There is no alternative to the truth. There can't  be any compelling reason whatsoever.
  • Administer according to the provisions of the law and procedures. The administrator or law enforcement officer has no power to show sympathy or mercy which is available only to the one who imposes any punishment.
  • Give due importance to communications received from superiors, from the public or from the staff and none of the papers be allowed unattended for more than a couple of days.
  • Please have a humble mindset that you are simply the best among the equals in government service.