Baggage - Re-export - Permitting re-export

Re-export of baggage: 

  • (i) True declaration has been made u/s 77 of Customs Act,1962 before the Customs Officer intercepts the passenger. 
  • (ii) undeclared goods must be seized and adjudicated. [On redemption, at the time of  the passenger leaving India, the items can be allowed to be re-exported]
  • (iii) Only on the request of the passenger who brought the goods into India 
  • (iv) Re-export allowed only the passenger leaving India [in the event of passenger not returning back, the items cannot be allowed to be re-exported]
  • (v) If pax. not taken while leaving [only after departure of passenger] authorize any other passenger authorised by him and leaving india
  • (vi) May be re-exported to passenger as cargo consigned in  his name [only after departure of passenger and consignor and consignee being the passenger himself](s.80 Customs Act,1962)