Baggage - Reimport jewellery / used items

  • Only used personal jewellery are to be allowed. The Proper Officer of Customs may like to verify when the jewellery looks brand new and disallow.
  • Those who wear the jewellery and taking abroad are expected to have documentary proof of purchase of the same or accurate information of weight, purity etc. when the veracity of the claim of the passenger is to be verified.

3.         It may kindly be ensured that all genuine tourists are allowed to bring in their personal effects without endorsement on the passports and without payment of duty, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed in the Baggage rules, 1998.

3.    The Baggage Rules, 1998 issued vide Notn. No. 30/ 98- Cus(NT) dated 2/6/98 has provided for import of duty free goods by tourists in Regulation 7 as contained in Appendix 'E' of the said rules. There is no definition for personal effects in the present Baggage Rules. However, for the sake of uniformity it is considered necessary to reiterate that the personal effects would include the following goods:

(i)    Personal jewellery xxx xxx xxx

4.    It may kindly  be noted that while Notn. No. 45/92 defined personal effects as articles both new or used and Rule 11 of Baggage Rules 1994 allowed personal effects of tourists for duty free import, the Baggage Rules 1998 allows only used personal effects of the tourists. It is not the intention of the Board to verify the newness of every product which a traveller brings so long as it is not prima facie new goods in their original packagings which can be disposed of off hand.