Courier - Gift, Import & Export

Courier Import - Gift 

Import prohibited or restricted items:

Categories of goods NOT allowed import through courier:

  • animals and parts thereof, 
  • plants and parts thereof; 
  • perishables [eg. food items, edibles, photographic goods, oils, cigarettes, tobacco etc. which have limited shelf life.]
  • precious and semi-precious stones, gold or silver in any form.
Courier Export

Categories of goods NOT allowed export through courier:

  • (a) Goods attracting any duty on exports;
  • (b) Goods exported under export promotion schemes, such as Drawback, DEPB, DEEC,  EPCG etc.;
  • (c) Goods where the value of the consignment is above Rs.25,000/- and transaction in foreign exchange is involved (the limit of Rs.25,000/- does not apply where the G.R. waiver or specific permission has been obtained from the RBI). [p.141/256 CBEC Customs Manual 2011]