Examination of Cargo

Selection of packages for Examination of Containerized cargo: Please  obtain the stowage plan prepared by the surveyors at the time of stuffing and select the number of packages from different rows, stacks. 

Please proceed to conduct examination only after the cargo is registered in the system.

Import Export Customs Examination Norms:- 

I. Circular No.1/2009-Customs F. No. 450/151/2008-Cus.IV 13th January, 2009. Subject: Examination norms for goods exported under Reward Schemes– reg.

II. Circular No.13 /2003-Cus. 3rd March, 2003 F.No. 450/126/98-Cus.IVCentral Board of Excise & Customs Subject: Examination norms for export goods at port of export for exports by EOUs and units in SEZs– reg.

III. Circular No.6/2002-Cus. 23rd January, 2002 F.No.450/126/98-Cus.IV Central Board of Excise & Customs Subject: Examination norms for export goods at port of export – reg.

Guidance on Examination

Procedure for clearance of export goods from factories on the basis of self-certification and scale of physical examination at port of export was prescribed vide Circular No.90/98-Cus.IV dated the 8th December, 1998.The Circular No.90/98-Cus., dated the 8th December, 1998 stands rescinded. Likewise, the Green Channel facility being allowed in some Custom Houses discontinued.

  • Annexure C1 should inter-alia contain: 
    • File C.No. and Date; 
    • Name & designation of the examining officer-Inspector/EO/PO;  Name & designation of the supervising officer-Appraiser/Superintendent  [This implies that both examining and supervising officers are on the spot together.] 
    • Signature of the Exporter – Only the lawfully authorized person ought to be allowed to sign. Invariably a copy of such authorization should be available in the Range Master File. 
    • Designation of each person including the Exporter signing Annexure C1 - Rubber Stamp to be impressed on all copies.  Invoice(s) and any other document accompanying this document should be attested by the officer supervising the examination. (Only the supervisory  Gazetted officers are empowered to attest the documents)  
  • Medicines and Chemicals to be examined verifying the label printed or affixed on the container. Each and every alphabet, number and sign in the description should agree exactly with what is declared in the clearance documents. Fact of correctness thereof to be recorded in examination report.
  • Liquid cargo in bulk and Bulk cargo of grains - Open order and Examination report to be modified while prescribing norms etc. Specialized apparatus to be compulsorily used and fact and manner of examination conducted to be invaribaly mentioned in the examination report.
  • SKD / CKD items - Detailed Packing list in full and Bill of Materials [BLM] for one unit of item to be compulsorily obtained duly countersigned / signed by the Importer / Exporter and filed along with clearance documents.  Percentage check of items required vide BOM and the actuals to be verified and recorded in the examination report.
  • Compressed Bales of waste items, cotton etc.- Importer / Exporter to get special permission from the appropriate authorities to enable the prescribed examination norms could be performed.  Import cargo may be escorted to destination pending clearance and examined and export cargo to be examined at the time of baling operation.  
  • In these days of militancy and huge frauds on account of liberalization & facilitation in doing away with various checks, these types of cargo are extremely sensitive and if  proper examination is not conducted there is impending danger not only to revenue but also to the safety and security of the country.