Very high moral standards and integrity are most important in administration or law enforcement job. When I abuse my company / government  infrastructure,   I will appear mean before my employee or subordinate.  

If I misuse a vehicle,  I falsify vehicle log book. But a surveillance camera or a CCTV at or near the place I visit might betray me. I may lose my job or degraded in my career. I would become a scorn for ever. So I should not do silly things - especially in the present day technological possibilities of getting noticed / nailed.

Three aspects are important: 
1. Being at the work place in the appointed time - even if you are the employer / supervisory officer.  
2. Not touching anything forbidden.
3. Not using working time for personal or recreational activities.

To succeed in work and to escape danger three tips:
1. No short-cut even if it tempts you to think that it is very effective or you don't have other options available. Never step out of law / procedure to execute justice - the moment you commit foul, the opponent claims victory.
2. Truth is a weapon and shield.  There is no alternative to truth.  If somebody tells the truth just listen and discern.
3. Don't torture anybody by inflicting bodily or mentally even in writing.  Few escaped the same treatment meted out to them at the end of their career / life --  when they are at the receiving end.

Many Law Enforcement Officials can't say 'No' to bribe mainly because they don't possess the required knowledge and expertise of the law they are expected to enforce.  The LEOs are unaware of many updates because government websites do not update their content promptly.

Citizens who want to be law abiding citizens, too can't say 'No' to bribe if they lack sufficient knowledge of the law they are expected to follow.  Citizens, in order to save our democracy and freedom, please say an emphatic  'NO' to bribery knowing that giving bribe is a more heinous crime than receiving a bribe though attracting lesser punishment under the present law. 

Demanding bribe has to be viewed as  a variant  of dacoity in situations where the Govt. official do not extend any undue benefit to the bribe-giver.  On the other hand,  if undue benefit is given to the bribe-giver, causing loss to the employer viz. the government, it is treachery -- blatant betrayal of the trust reposed on them not only by the employer but also by the citizens of the country. In Tamil 'உண்ட வீட்டுக்கு இரண்டகம்'(vunda veettukku randagam)  Dacoits may relieve money at gunpoint but the pen of  corrupt officials are their guns.  Which evil is worse? இரண்டில்  எது  அதிக  மோசம்? Please ponder over and write your views to  so that we put our priority either to educate the people or the officials to eradicate corruption which is அழிவு (alivu) in Tamil.  

The law in force is: "Whoever commits the offence of bribery shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may be extend to one year, or with fine, or with both: Provided that bribery by treating shall be punished with fine only. Explanation -"Treating" means that form of bribery where the gratification consists in food, drink, entertainment, or provision. S.171 E CrPC