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AAP’s first priority is to end corruption - Radical approach to redress various grievances of the citizens of Delhi

AAP’s first priority is to end corruption - Radical approach to redress various grievances of the citizens of DelhiStatus as on 18 Feb 2015
Registration Number:GNCTD/E/2015/00890
Name Of Complainant:Jacob Paul
Date of Receipt:18 Feb 2015
Received by:Government of NCT of Delhi
Officer name:Shri Amitabh Joshi
Officer Designation:Deputy Director
Contact Address:Administrative Reforms Department
Govt. of NCT Delhi
7th Level, C-Wing, Delhi Secretariat, New Delhi110002
Contact Number:23392422
Grievance Description:Radical approach to redress various grievances of the citizens of NCT of Delhi Workable Solutions of a non-formal research (i) Toning up the administration with compassion (ii) Paperless office or at the least ‘less paper work’, (iii) Utilization less-used or idle infrastructure (iv) Roping in the Corporates ‘CSR’ obligations AAP’s first priority is to end corruption, especially bribe-taking by government officials. – Manish Sisodia 01. Introduction ‘CHARITY AND BEATING BEGINS AT HOME.’* It is a fact that a paralysed administrative system of decades cannot be corrected overnight because most of the incumbents would have become incompetent and insensitive to fulfil their duties and obligations as government servants. Prevalence of corruption, late reporting for work, improper maintenance of records which makes it impossible to fix responsibility for lapses, officers lacking in the knowledge of their work are some of the matters to be dealt with early. 02. Credentials 02.01. I had the opportunity to work in Tamil Nadu State government since 1965 when not even 10% government servants were corrupt. The office procedure manuals were scrupulously followed in every aspect of work which prevented corruption and delay to a great extent. Moreover, there was the least interference of politicians in the official work. Most of the officials were honest, efficient and courageous to do the right. 02.02. As for my locus standi and credential, suffice it to say that I retired as Deputy Commissioner of Customs in 2007 having served with the highest integrity and commitment to the nation. I neither received nor even offered bribe from day one of my service. For the past eight years I am engaged in a very low budget ‘good governance initiative by knowledge transfer’ by establishing a Trust. Remaining Full Text as PDF attachment please.