Imports for exhibitions, fairs etc

Import of goods for Exhibitions, Fairs and Seminars

Two options:-

  1. To execute a bond for re-export within 6 months [another 6 months extensions may be granted by AC/DC] - Notificatiion No. 03 dt 9.1.1989
  2. ATA CARNET to be produced – Notification No. 157 dated 28.3.1990

If sold in the fair or not exported within the time – Duty to be paid u/s 15(1)(a) should be applied and the relevant date should be the date of import.

If not exported – Duty to be demanded from the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry who is the guarantor of ATA CARNET in India.

Exception: This Notification not applicable to goods imported through post not

NB: Some items except Alcoholic beverages in reasonable quantities not liable to be re-exported.