Ministerial officials

Righteousness exalts a nation. Proverbs 14:34 [ ESV ]

Survival Techniques

Complete reading of News Paper, saying a prayer or meditation [if you have a religious bent of mind] well before the office time starts.

If you are assigned with receiving Tappals, never decline to receive any communication marked/addressed to you or to your office even though the matter does not fall within your purview. You may either transmit to the concerned authority or  return it to the sender  as N.Dis. briefly mentioning the reasons therefor.

Office Procedure Manual does not provide for issue of acknowledgement by the clerk.  The etiquette is to keep the letter in an envelope, write down the address thereon and hand over or send by post. If acknowledgement is needed, to be sent by RPAD. [Govt. Departments too send by RPAD where ever acknowledgement is required]. A formal acknowledgement / interim reply may be sent from the concerned file duly signed by the proper officer.

Note down the date and time of receipt of the correspondence by you.

Immediately enter the details in prescribed register

If facilities are available, scan and preserve a copy in the Computer System.]

Reduce in writing all telephonic or oral orders given to you and place the same in the respective file duly signed by you.

Keep a copy of the office procedure manual duly updated and if not supplied to individuals, please do collect from the office library and read at least once and take extracts/copies of relevant portions to the work attended to by you. Please do every aspect of office work only according to the procedure prescribed.

Be aware of the places / sections where the relevant Acts/Rules etc. are maintained and kept for reference.

Receive an external correspondence only if it bears date stamp and is marked to you by the proper officer.

Make it a point never to sign with false date.

Do attend the correspondence in the order of receipt unless marked ‘urgent’ by the superiors.

Let no correspondence lie with you for more than a couple of days without any action being initiated. [With regard to files not more than a fortnight’s time] Give due and equal importance to communications received from superiors, from the public or from the staff and none of the papers be allowed unattended for more than a couple of days.

Let all your decisions be rational on the basis of documents placed in file and never respecting to persons.

Please do make use of every minute of working hours to turn out tangible work which would transform the world to be a blissful place to live.

Never tamper with facts – facts are so fragile that even an iota of falsehood would forfeit its nomenclature. 

Never consent to do anything unlawful even if the order comes from very high above.  

If you are not in agreement with your boss in any matter, never lose heart nor lose your temper. Not many things are to be settled at the spurt of that moment itself. Plead for time to present your view point when tempers cool down. In the mean time collect as much information and data possible. By and large you will be able to win over your boss if your stand is reasonable and based on facts. 

Still there is a great need for committed and dedicated workers all around the globe.  You can’t be an exception!

Any help to somebody may be only by walking an extra mile and not by doing anything trespassing the legitimate boundaries. You may at best sit a bit late or skip a lunch to complete a work.

If you are called upon to explain an alleged omission or commission on your part,  your honest reply in writing will not hurt your boss.  On the other hand admission of a guilt is half won battle which would save time and energy of your boss, yourself and the entire official machinery. At the end of your service you would find that you have taken the correct decision indeed.