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Matters taken up with government authorities

We are thankful to the dedicated officials who by prompt response keep our ardent faith on the system alive & still glowing. We have not received response – not even acknowledgement for many references. We still pursue with due diligence.

Request to publish in CBEC Website Appraising Manual and OPM

Under-staffed Customs - Suggestion

Request to display of undelivered SCN in web

Baggage Declaration Form 37 authority for shorter version requested

Customs to stop allowing individual MRP labels

100407/15.06.2010 Exported consignment in container recalled by Customs - s.113 and s.114

070403/31.05.2010 Refund s.28C Customs Act, 1962 Amendment Proposed through GRM

070401/13.01.2010 Despatch of Orders/SCN otherwise than by RP

100401/01.01.2010 Customs EDI – Provisional Assessment – System enhancement require

070402/18.11.2009 S.3 (d) Customs Act, 1962 – Amendment required

070403/11.11.2009 S.28 C Customs Act, 1962 – Amendment required

080501/29.01.2008 Form CT 1 

100409/26.08,2010 Peacock Feather seizure at Airport

070401/17.06.2010 For Amending s153 of Customs Act,1962/s.37C Central Excise Act,1944 

100406/17.04.2010 Direct Port Delivery of RMS selected Containers

100404/17.03.2010 Baggage - Re-export of undeclared prohibited baggage article

100404/08.03.2010 Baggage - Re-export of undeclared prohibited baggage article

090404/31.12.2009 Courier Import/Export – [Draft Regulation] suggestions

070401/13.01.2010 Despatch of Orders/SCN otherwise than by RP

090405/08.12.2009 Baggage – Confiscation of commercial quantities

090404/26.11.2009 Courier Import – Authorization to clear by agents

100408/02.08.2010 Reference Application dismissed due to non appearance

090401/11.11.2009 Introduction of Flexi Working Hours

100402/10.01.2010 In-house Training to new entrants

090407/00.12.2009 Appraising Manual and OPM on CBEC Site - Draft

090801/15.08.2009 Success in Appeals – Points

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