Postal Appraising Department PAD

Customs Officers posted to the PAD are to be aware that:
  • Smugglers are not averse to using International Post Parcels to send drugs etc. [please read attachment]
  • The Post Parcels are arriving at Different International Airports  and are transshipped to Domestic Airliners without customs supervision but at the starting and end points alone PAD Customs Officers feign to allow clearance.
  • From the Destination Airport to the Foreign Post Office the Post Parcels are transported in private/postal vehicles to the Foreign Post Offices without any Customs presence in any stage.
  • The Foreign Post Offices are located in different parts of the city outside the Sea Port or Airport customs areas.
  • Hence as in the cited case vide attachment, there is scope for abuse of the International Postal route.
  • The orders governing the Postal Appraising Department were issued when the above situations were not there.
  • Every entry point of persons and goods including mails or parcels are sensitive points for smuggling affecting the physical and economic safety and security of the country.
  • Spending millions of rupees on the defence forces would be futile if there is a big gap in Customs responsibilities.
Suitable action is to be taken to bring the entire activity of International Post within the normal Customs presence as per the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962 failing which would amount to indirectly but actively assisting in anti-national activity.
Right Informer,
29 Jul 2011, 01:14