Preserving the best working environment

Preserving a pleasant work environment while performing challenging jobs:

  • Be aware that in a democracy, Government servants are instruments of governance by whom all good things flow to citizens.
  • Do have a sense of belonging to the team. 
  • Be aware of your responsibility depending upon your position in the team
  • Bear in mind that the official work proceeds upward and initiate the work in writing at your level 
  • Try to understand the task, analyse in the light of the law and if it falls within your domain,  take a decision otherwise suggest a decision in writing to the next in authority.
  • Avoid getting oral directions before discharging your functions which is against norms of governance.
  • Show respect to everybody due to their positions but never be afraid of anybody
  • Do not enter into an argument  because there can never be a winner in an argument.
  • Be a person of few words and do not let passions overtake you. Shun violence in work place.  Violence through words hurt more than swords and kills the spirit. If you find the boss in a fit of rage, politely excuse yourself and leave the place, requesting to be called later. It would do good to both of you, since an irate person easily looses ground and you won't hear voice but only noise conveying no meaning.  
  • Try to record the minutes of all official discussions elaborately in the file.
  • [to be completed]