Publishing of Appraising Manual & OPM in CBEC website

Our Ref. No. 110401 dated 11.1.11.

1. We present hereunder two matters for suitable action please:-

2.  Invariably in all Government offices, all communications received are registered in the Register for Inward Correspondence, action taken after placing it in the respective file and all outgoing correspondence are entered in the Despatch Register.

3. However, letters requesting permission and other similar matters received from the importers or Exporters,  mostly through Custom House Agents are handed over in person to the DC in the Custom House.  Neither Dated Rubber Stamp for receipt at the office is affixed nor Inward Correspondence Number is assigned for the same.  The DC writes down a cryptic ‘permitted’ on the face of such letter and puts the initial thereunder.   The Shed Officer performs the work as permitted by the DC and gives back the paper to the Importer or  CHA who takes it away.  No ministerial staffs are involved in the entire proceedings to open a file or to put up any  Note for Orders. There is literally no trace left at the Custom House in respect of the permission given, under which the Shed Officer had done the work other than in the routine course.

4. The officers are not aware of the relevant provisions or procedure but follow  such an unsafe and improper practice. CBEC  has published  ‘Central Excise Circle and Divisional Office Procedure Manual’ containing among other things the procedure for Receipt, Filing and Disposal of Correspondence, Registration of papers received etc.  CBEC may please publish in CBEC Website, the procedure for receipt and disposal of correspondence in  the Custom House to make the Customs Officers to henceforth follow them.

5. The second point is regarding the Appraising Manual.  It is seen that most of the Groups or Branches of the Custom House do not have a copy of the Appraising Manual. Moreover, almost all the  contents of the Appraising Manual have become obsolete.  As such, we find that officers have their own way of doing most of the work without any uniformity. An updated Appraising Manual is an urgent need which may also be published in the CBEC Website as early as possible please.

Status as on 28 Jun 2011
Registration Number:CBOEC/E/2011/00024
Name Of Complainant:Right Information International Forum
Date of Receipt:11 Jan 2011
Received by:Central Board of Excise and Customs
Forwarded to:Joint Secretary Customs, CBEC
Contact Address:CBEC, Department of Revenue
North Block
New Delhi110002
Contact Number:011-23092978
Current Status:CASE CLOSED
Date of Action:24 Jan 2011
Details:Please refer to your grievance filed online through the Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions vide Registration No. CBOEC/E/2011/00024, dated 11.01.2011. In this regard, it is stated that your suggestion has been received and taken note of.