Service of Orders

Display of undelivered SCN in web & Service of Orders etc.

Our Ref. No. 100413 dt.11.11.2010

Sub: Displaying in website the unserved summons / notices / orders that could not be served

01. We bring to your honour’s kind notice that the Securities and Exchange Board of India is displaying in their website the unserved summons / notices and orders that could not be served. []. 

2. Most of the Customs and Central Excise Office notice boards are clogged since Summons or Notice or Orders are stacked up where the older ones clamber and vie for space to show amongst the many other trying to eclipse it.  Many a time only the ‘Office of the ...’ alone is visible to be seen defeating the very purpose of displaying. 

03. It is pertinent to draw your honour’s attention to the amended section 282  (1) (c) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 with regard to service of notice or orders. [Copy sent as attachment for ready reference please.] 

04. We would request your good offices may please publish in the departmental website such summons / notices / orders which could not be served on the party for any reason.

05. We would be thankful if a line in reply on the action taken is provided to us.

Right Informer,
24 Sep 2011, 17:54