Responding to 'Please Speak/Discuss'

Responding to 'Please Speak / Discuss'

Such a remark in a 'Note' should be taken to mean that your Note is not perfect.  The Note itself should speak your mind to the boss in more clear terms and help her/him to take a considered decision. Before taking the file to the boss to speak / to discuss, it would be better to review the Note already made and attempt a fresh one to be tendered to the boss to be placed in the file.  In such a situation you save the precious time of your boss.  Never in official dealings in vertical hierarchy, decisions could be taken on oral clarifications without recording the background in the file.  One can't and is not expected to rely on memory the circumstances under which such a decision has been taken. It becomes impossible to comprehend if the matter is dealt with by another incumbent later.  So, this is the first and best option and there is no other choice.

Yes! You are not satisfied with this guidance!!  Then read further which is written for your sake alone, in great confidence in you. 

These days the boss is 'boss over' by external pressures which can't be put in writing in the file.  This has gone to the doors of the Hon'ble Supreme Court.  We have to wait for some time for the decision.  Meanwhile, not to embarrass the boss any further, first please do understand that it is not that you are asked to speak or discuss but it is the boss who wants to speak to you in confidence some thing out of the record which you may have to own up yourself by putting in writing in the Note as if you have guided the boss.  So, be alert and with all sincerity listen carefully every word of the boss because time and again many subordinates understand more than what was told and act upon. Except in extreme emergency or when you are running short of time to keep the schedule,  it would be safe to ask for, as short a time as needed, to consider and put up a further clarificatory or detailed Note []. Beware - Never speak in haste before you have considered the pros and cons of such action in the light of the law and procedures. In fact better to hesitate to utter the word 'yes' - yes! not even 'no' too.