RTI Appraising Manual Vs Customs Manual

 RIIF is an organization functioning from 2007. Wherever system failures affecting efficient functioning in governance are noticed, we reinvent standards in vogue till the early years of independence or trigger action to evolve new standards fitting to the present day.

 It is stated in the introduction to the ‘Appraising Manual’ "In order to meet this challenge the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Bombay decided to simplify and update the existing manuals.  ...  The existing manuals are in six volumes. The first two volumes are titled "Customs Appraising Manual", while the remaining for volumes are titled 'Central Appraising Manual' The last update of this manual was done in 1989-90 and was published in the year 1990. " 

Please furnish the following information with copies of authority. 

1. Is the Appraising Manual hosted in the Tuticorin Customs Website effective as of today and are the instructions contained therein to be followed by the field officers of customs. 

2. Is the Appraising Manual applicable only to those offices in the jurisdiction of the Chief Commissioner of Customs, Bombay. 

3. In the event of the Apprising Manual is applicable and to be followed by the officers of whole of India, please provide a copy of the authority therefor. 

4. Was not the Customs Appraising Manual published in 1990 automatically got rescinded / superseded when the CBEC brought out the Customs Manual [which also deals with the same topic], in the years  2001, 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013. 

5. Are both the Appraising Manual and the Customs Manual 2013 effective as of today. 

6. If yes, when there are conflicts between the instructions contained in Appraising Manual and the Customs Manual, 2013, which Manual prevails over the other one. 

7. Are the field officers of Customs as required in the Appraising Manual to still demand production of G.R.1 [Guaranteed Remittance Form prescribed by the RBI], AR-4, AR-5 etc. which no longer are in existence. 

8. Are the field officers of Customs to prepare the open order as per instructions found in the Appraising Manual. 

9. Is the Appraising Manual binding on all cadres of the customs officials up to the rank of the Commissioner of Customs in the event of final decision taken as proper officer in clearance work since Notf. No. 40/2012 dated 02.05.2012 assigns various functions to the officers and above the rank of officers as proper officer. 

10. Is the proper officer for a particular aspect of work liable for action for non- implementing the provisions of the Appraising Manual. Please provide authority. 

11. Is the Appraising Manual to be read with the Customs Manual, 2013  and the Customs Manual on Self-Assessment – 2011. Please provide authority. 

12. In the Appraising Manual hosted  in the Tuticorin Customs Website, a number of standing order of Mumbai Customs are shown as ‘Power source’.  Is the SO issued to officials of Mumbai Custom House applicable to all customs officers in whole of India. Please provide authority. 

13. Were officers in whole of India who joined the department after the year 1990 [year of last edition of the Appraising Manual] ever issued with the printed version or soft version of the Appraising Manual until it is hosted in the Tuticorin Customs Website.

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