Suggested 'Open Order' for Examination of Goods

Suggested Open Order

Docks EO/AO may please verify and report –  

(a) Whether the following original documents are presented in the docket before registering the BE in EDI – Invoice, Detailed Packing List, Bill of Lading, Stowage Plan, Certificate of Country of Origin,  Manufacturer’s Catalogue,  Certificate of Insurance, Analytical/Test Certificate showing chemical properties, etc. 

(b) Whether full signatures of the CHA / importer are appended on each of  the above documents. Name and designation of the person who signs may be mentioned on the reverse of the Invoice. [EO/AO should sign on each of those documents.]

(c) the genuineness of the COO w.r.t. the Specimen Signatures supplied by the DRI/Board.

(d) Personally verify seals are intact in all the container(s)

(e) open minimum 2 containers, preferably based on pre-decided and recorded beginning or ending-Nos. for the day. Examine at least 2% of pkgs. drawn from different interior rows

(f) verify whether the description mentioned in the documents [based on which  CTH, NB, Importability, Rate of duty, are claimed] exactly tallies with the goods examined. .

(g) whether the package-wise quantity declared in the Detailed Packing List exactly tallies with the contents in respective package examined – make, model, YoM, etc.

Please enter Examination Report in the EDI system recording findings in respect each of the above aspects along with the Container No. and identification of Packages examined.

If no discrepancy is noticed, grant Customs OOC. Forward the docket with copy of BE to Custom House.

In case any discrepancy is noticed:

Please subject the containers / packages / goods for 100% examination and record the outcome thereof in the system and forward BE to group along with case file.

NB: Examination Report to include one or more of the following specific pre-clearance compliance requirements, wherever applicable:

(1) SWM (PC) Rules  (2) BIS Standards (3) PQ  (4) AQ (5) PHO  (6) ADC (7) PSIC  (8) PSTC (9) MoEF Regn.  (10) Wildlife (11)  Atomic Energy Act (12) Arms Act (13) Explosives Act   (14) Hazardous Goods-Pollution Control Board  (15) ODS – DGFT Licence