Target Plus Scheme

I. Flow Chart of process of manufacture inter alia mentioning specifically the various inputs, machines and equipments used etc. issued by a Chartered Engineer or Chartered Accountant may be asked to be submitted with a sworn Affidavit of the importer declaring that all required information were faithfully and fully provided for preparation therefor

[To prevent fraud played on the officers/defraud Government, this has to be invariably demanded where the notification talks about “inputs”, “broad nexus”, “use” and “supporting manufacturer”  and similar terms ]

II.Special care has to be bestowed to see that the Bond should be exactly worded as per format prescribed and all relevant columns filled up fully and correctly.  In the event of the Bond comes to be enforced, but could not be done due to any deficiency in the Bond, Govt. will lose money and it might affect the interest of the officers too.

III. In respect of machinery/equipments - all marks and words found on Name plate/tag  and in respect of machinery/equipments and in respect of packed items all the marks and words printed may be asked to be incorporated in the examination report.

IV. While extended benefit of exemption from furnishing BG, an affidavit of 'no case booked during last three years' may be obtained which should contain the name and contact information of the jurisdictional  Central Excise and Customs authorities

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