WHY (Why is India breeding ground for corruption?)

Most of the bureaucrats need to be sensitised about 

why they are the cause and the adverse effect of their every wrong action.



All the bureaucrats must work strictly as per 'office procedures' and corruption would be almost eliminated. Selective enforcement of law [favouritism] and delay are some of the fertile grounds for corruption.

நம் நாட்டில் லஞ்சம் ஏன் செழித்தோங்குகிறது?

'அலுவலக நடைமுறை கையேடு' திட்டமாக பின்பற்றினால் போதும். கீழ்நிலை எழுத்தர் புதிய கோப்பு ஓன்று ஆரம்பித்து உதவியாளர்வசம் தருவர். அவர் சட்டம் என்ன சொல்கிறது என்று குறிப்பிட்டு அது பின்பற்றப்பட்டுள்ளதா எனவும் ஒரு குறிப்பு வரைந்து முடிவெடுக்க உதவுவார். குறித்த தினங்களுக்குள் முடிவேடுக்கவில்லைஎனில் நினைவூட்டுவார். இப்போது இவை நடைமுறையில் பெரும்பாலும் இல்லை. இதுதான் வழக்கம் அல்லது இதுதான் பழக்கம் என்று சொல்லி தவறு செய்கிறார்கள். சுதந்திரம் பெற்று சுமார் இருபது வருடங்கள் வரை இருந்த 'அலுவலக நடைமுறை கையேடு' கண்டிப்பாக பின்பற்ற கட்டாயமாக்கப்பட்டால் ஊழல் பெருச்சாளி ஓடிவிடும்.

20 years after the independence, next generation politicians enticed the bureaucrats to dance to their tune by gradually eroding the 'office procedures' and made to follow the 'practice' like 2G case where the successive government followed the practice of the previous government flouting the procedure set out by CVC.

Ahasuerus ruled 127 provinces stretching from India to Ethiopia in the year 474 B.C. English, Danish colonies were ruled sitting from far off countries.

If we follow the office procedures being scrupulously followed even after 20 years of the independence chance of demanding bribe would be greatly reduced.


High ranking officials who receive hefty conveyance allowance abuse official cars to go to office setting a very bad example. They are at the mercy of their subordinates to falsify government documents to including the log book.
When these officials commit such a crime just when they step out from their home to office, how one can expect justice from them? 

Please read the following:
The **** Audit Party while conducting the audit of *** Headquarters for the year 1982-83 have made the following observations 

"As per rule 33 of the staff car Rules Officers using staff cars are required to note, in their own hand writing in the log book, the mileage at the start and at the completion of their trips after verifying the mile meter and give sufficient particulars to indicate that the journeys were on official business. It was noticed that in the column purpose of journey the person using the staff cars simply noted 'official' without recording sufficient details. Necessary steps may please be taken to obtain full details & purpose of the journey from the officers in the column provided for the purpose in the log book."

Why corruption could not be eradicated or at least contained?


Because we do not love others as Jesus loves us. It is a single and simple command every one of us must obey.

We should be righteous in all our daily dealings with others -- whether we are persons in authority or employers or employees. That is loving others as Jesus loves us.

NIV Luke 23:47 The centurion, seeing what had happened, praised God and said, "Surely this was a righteous man."