Workplace Ethical code

Workplace Ethical Code of Conduct [office setting]


Pertaining to the head of office / superior officer / supervisory officer 

a)      Official business to be conducted in sober writing. When oral instructions are given, the person who gets the instruction shall reduce in writing before acting on it and put up the file for post facto confirmation at the earliest point of time. Minutes of discussions and meetings shall be invariably prepared without any loss of time and got confirmed by participants at the earliest occasion.
b)      Service Rules for all categories of employees to be made [or adopted] and made available to each person before joining duty.
c)       On reporting for duty, every individual to be informed in writing
       ·  the minutest possible details of work assigned
        ·  the powers and authority delegated to her/him which are required for efficient performance of the assigned task;
       ·  the names and designation of persons deployed under her/his charge;
       ·  a fairly detailed write up of pending matters to be pursued and the stage at which the matter stands;
       ·  all specified laws and procedures including circulars,  instructions, etc. effective on date which are to be implemented or to be followed by the individual. [Access to these to be provided to the individual]
      ·  the Room No. / Cubicle No. / Seat No. allotted with of details of  furniture, office  equipment, infrastructures etc., s/he may make use of.
        ·  Any other information / restrictions /regulations deemed necessary for the smooth and efficient functioning of the official machinery.
Pertaining to the subordinate officers / staff 
  • Due responsive action on the above points.
  • To  vow to work only within the frame-work of the law and procedures
  • In case of apprehensions of any unlawful oral instructions are given, don't blame the boss in haste. But don't hesitate to get it confirmed in writing  by presenting the legal position before acting on such oral orders. 
  • Always remember that you are expected to do all that within your powers and responsibilities.  Passing on any such issue to the decision of your boss exhibits your inefficiency and unwillingness to shoulder responsibilities spoiling your career.
  • Never forget to carry a note pad when meeting superior officers and note down the instructions given.  Let your' Note for Orders' start with the verbal instruction given. 
  • Shouting at or retorting back on the same tone and tenor are workplace violence which should be avoided at all costs.
  •  Be punctual to work and work the entire time treating it as working hours not simply office hours.
  • Zero tolerance to corruption  means not giving, not receiving, not passively or actively helping others to give or take bribe.
  • In adversities against righteous work, be patient without trumpeting your grouse else you make more enemies.  Obtain good counsel, present your position in good light as clear and as brief as possible to be understood by your adversary.  Hope for the best since nobody  howsoever high s/he may be placed, can decide the destiny of another,.
  • Don't choose any short-cut or illegal means to solve any problem even if it appears the only option. Just wait for a bit, you will see clearly other better options available.
  • An individual official's character is revealed by her/his conduct in acquiring or spending money. 
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